BTS V ranked first in Japan’s popularity ranking for 20 weeks in a row

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BTS V is boasting of its popularity as one of Japan’s famous ranking perfect all-kill and long-term reigns.

V took the first place with 19,730 votes in the ‘Popular Male K-Pop Idol’ poll conducted by the popular Japanese ranking site ‘Nehan (音韓)‘ from the 9th to the 15th. With this, V achieved an amazing record of being number one for 20 consecutive weeks, proving that he is one of the most popular in Japan.

Also, in the same week, in the ranking of ‘Korean actors in their twenties’ by Japan’s popular ranking site for Korean actors in the same week, V won 14,573 votes and took the first place for 15 consecutive weeks.

Considering the work that he had participated in ‘Hwarang’ as an actor, it was a surprising result and the expectation for ‘actor Kim Tae-hyung’ was high.

Taehyung (BTS V) took first place in the Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Favorites of ‘Idol Ranking’ of ‘KPOP JUICE’, which conducts K-pop idol audition information and popularity polls in various fields, making it a perfect Japanese popular vote it was all-kill It is not surprising that V’s long-term popular solo in Japan, which is called  ‘Taetae Land’.

BTS V ranked first in Japan's popularity ranking
BTS V ranked first in “Popular Male K-Pop Idol”

V ranked 3rd in the settlement of accounts from January to July in the Twiple Statistics, which collects only the hottest issues in real time by field, such as news, videos, issues, communities, and celebrities that are most interested in Japanese locals, and reflects them in the rankings in the first half of the year. It maintained its third place. As both 1st and 2nd place are local idol groups in Japan and the highest ranking as an individual artist, it is safe to say that V is one of Japan’s top performers.

Also, considering that V does not have any special activities as an individual other than BTS group activities, this is a surprising result.

Since last June, his real name ‘Taehyung’, the second most used real name after V’s nickname ‘Tae-tae’, is maintaining the ranking despite not being counted in the number of Twitter mentions, which proves how popular V is in Japan.

Considering Japan’s major rankings perfect all-kill, double individual, and long-term No. 1 solo, V’s popularity in Japan is expected to continue in the future.


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