BTS V Twitter updates with wine

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Social media is the most convenient way for idols to stay in touch with their fans and in particular, ARMYs are always waiting for BTS updates whether on Twitter or Weverse, and it is always exciting when it does happen! And today one particular update made by V has recently sent fans into excitement.

On September 29, fans noticed a new update on BTS’s Twitter account. However, it wasn’t just any tweet because it was a photo update from V and he posted his first Twitter selfie after two years and the fans are going crazy!

In the photo, BTS V was holding an expensive bottle of wine with the caption, “I went into my photo gallery, but I don’t remember why I have this photo…”

Also, with another selfie showcasing a BTS V holding a product and it caught the attention of fans because of the wine he was holding. ARMYs found out that V was holding a bottle of Château Margaux, and six minutes after the selfie was posted, the search words related to the Château Margaux wine were trending on Google trends.

In particular, ARMYs seemed to want to know the price of this exclusive wine, and as one of the top searches. The Château Margaux (Premier Grand Cru Classé) 2001 has an average price of $666 USD right now, but it is hard to buy the exact one straight, and it has to be purchased through an auction.

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