BTS V ‘Winter Bear’ surpassed 100 million views

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BTS V self-composed song ‘Winter Bear’ music video has surpassed 100 million views on YouTube.

The number of views of the music video for the self-composed song ‘Winter Bear‘, which BTS V released through the YouTube BANGTANTV youtube channel in August 2019, exceeded 100 million times around 1:16 pm on the 3rd August.

A meaningful record was added ahead of the 3rd anniversary of the release of ‘Winter Bear’ on the 10th August.

‘Winter Bear’ is V’s first self-composed song in English, and V participated in composing the song himself.ย Written in English by V along with BTS member RM, this song starts with a lyrical acoustic guitar melody and is a warm emotional song with V’s low-mid tone softly flowing throughout the song.

In addition to writing and composing lyrics, ‘Winter Bear’ is a song where you can feel BTS V’s sensibility by taking a photo of the sound source jacket.

The music video for ‘Winter Bear’ is also a work that V was in charge of from directing to appearing.ย V captured the image of taking pictures or immersed in thoughts while walking the streets and parks of various cities abroad, including the United States, and enjoying a leisurely walk and meal with nature in the background in a vaguely colored video.

Immediately after the release of ‘Winter Bear’, the American media praised it, saying, “This music video is very artistic and as beautiful as the lyrics of the song.”

Meanwhile, Hybe original content ‘IN THE SOOP : Friendcation‘, featuring BTS V, is broadcast every Friday at 9 pm on JTBC and is streamed on Disney+ at 11 pm on the same night.

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