BTS will appear in a YouTube Original Show ‘RELEASED’

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The group BTS will appear in a special episode of YouTube Original’s weekly music show ‘RELEASED’, which will be released at 12:45 pm on the 10th September.

In this episode, BTS will share their experiences as world-class musicians along with stories about the ‘Permission to Dance Challenge’ held on YouTube Shorts with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

Also, in this special episode, some of the challenge shorts videos produced by BTS fans around the world, such as Korea, the United States, India, Russia, and the United Kingdom, will also be released.

BTS for YouTube Original Show
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BTS held the ‘Permission to Dance Challenge’ for three weeks from July 23rd, allowing the fans around the world to learn the international sign language meaning ‘fun’, ‘dance’ and ‘peace’ that appeared in the ‘Permission to Dance’ music video.

The choreography they used was presented in a 15-second YouTube short video to suit their own style.

In an interview with People, a US weekly magazine recently said about the BTS challenge, “Thanks to the inclusion of international sign language movements, we were able to deliver the positive energy of our music to a wider audience that we could not reach before.”

Following the special episode of ‘Released’, BTS will also release the music video for the shorts challenge version of ‘Permission to Dance’ for the first time.

Through this, BTS will introduce some of the works participating in this challenge that have connected music fans around the world, and plan to convey the message that they can all become one through music and dance.

On an interview with American online media BuzzFeed, BTS said, “I wonder how people will add their own taste and sense to the choreography of ‘Permission to Dance’. In fact, It really makes me happy just to see them dancing to our music and having fun.”

‘Released’ is a weekly music show on YouTube that airs every Thursday.

It deals with the story of the world’s top artists just before the release of a new song. It covers new music and special news from various artists, as well as the first release with fans around the world.

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