BTS Jungkook Birthday Messages from Members

Jungkook Birthday

BTS member Jungkook is celebrating his birthday. On the 1st September, posts of members celebrating Jungkook’s birthday were posted on BTS’ official Twitter and on global fan community platform Weverse. Suga Message for Jungkook on Twitter Suga wrote, “The 15-year old Jungkookie’s become a 25-year old Jungkookie.. Happy birthday Je-ke~#hbdJungkook #ItsSugaHyung #YoureAnAdultNow #HmmTimeFlies.”, He looked … Read more

BTS Jungkook birthday Projects by ARMYs

BTS Jungkook Birthday Project

BTS Jungkook is celebrating his 24th birthday this September and ARMYs have come up with various birthday projects to show their love and support towards Jungkook. The fan account ‘ByMySide‘ announced on Twitter that it would broadcast Jungkook’s birthday advertisement on a huge billboard in Times Square, New York, USA from August 30th to September … Read more

Megan Thee Stallion, Conflict with her Agency

Megan Thee Stallion & BTS

It was announced that American rapper ‘Megan Thee Stallion’ collaborated with BTS. On the 24th, U.S. Variety reported that Megan Thee Stallion was planning to release a remix version of BTS’ ‘Butter’ this Friday, but her label 1501 Certified Entertainment and CEO Carl Crawford filed a petition in court stating that they were blocking it. … Read more

BTS, ‘Dynamite’ & ‘Butter’ certified Platinum.

BTS Permission to Dance

The group BTS received ‘Platinum’ certification from the Record Association of the UK and Japan, respectively. According to the status of certified works announced by the Recording Association of Japan on the 24th, BTS’ digital single ‘Butter’ surpassed 100 million streams and was added to the list of ‘Platinum’ certified works. “Butter” certified  as ‘Platinum’ … Read more

BTS V, ‘2021 World’s Most Handsome Men’


BTS V ranked first as the most handsome man in 2021 selected by foreign media. Entertainment site ‘BESTTOPPERS‘ released a list of ‘Top 10 most handsome men in the world in 2021’ and selected Kim Taehyung as the number one. BTS V beat Hollywood’s top stars and ranked first in the ‘2021 Top 10 most … Read more

FILA launches ‘2021 Fall Collection’ with BTS

FILA launches '2021 Fall Collection

Global sports brand FILA announced on the 19th June that it has released the Fall 2021 Collection consisting of clothes, shoes and accessories that best match FILA’s unique ‘stylish performance’ concept this fall. Under the theme of ‘Find Your Basics’, it is packed with items that are comfortable and focused on the basics. With a … Read more

BTS Jungkook’s birthday projects and Advertisements

As BTS Jungkook’s 25th birthday keeps getting closer which is on 1 September, his fanbases and fansites keep announcing their unique, big, and grand projects. Jungkook’s overseas fanbase union ‘Golden JUNGKOOK Union‘ announced on Twitter that it would send a bus shelter birthday advertisement at the bus stop (03122) at the northern end of the … Read more

BTS Jungkook photo card sold for about 3.7 million won.

BTS JungKook

BTS Jungkook’s Photo Card was Sold on EBay for about 3.7 Million won, attracting attention from Overseas Media. Recently, the American Media ‘Allkpop’ reported an article with the title, “BTS Jungkook Photo Card, Sold At $3,213 (About 3.7 Million Won) As The Highest Price K-Pop Photo Card Ever.” The media said, “Jungkook receives the Title … Read more

BTS single CD ‘Butter’ certified platinum by Japan Record Association

BTS Butter

The group BTS received ‘Platinum’ certification from the Japan Record Association for their single CD ‘Butter’. According to the status of certified works in July announced by the Japan Record Association on August 10, BTS’ ‘Butter’, released on the 9th of last month, has surpassed 250,000 copies in cumulative shipment and obtained ‘Platinum’ certification in … Read more

BTS ‘Butter’ MV surpasses 500 million views.


The music video for the group BTS’ summer song ‘Butter’ has reached 500 million views. The number of YouTube views of the ‘Butter’ music video released by BTS on May 21 exceeded 500 million around 9:15 am on the 7th of August. With this, BTS has the 11th Music video with 500 million view in … Read more

BTS, ‘Dynamite’ MV surpassed 1.2 billion views.

[Photo= Provided By Bighit Music]

The music video for ‘Dynamite’ of the group BTS recorded 1.2 billion views. The number of YouTube views of the ‘Dynamite’ music video exceeded 1.2 billion at 6:21 pm on the 6th of August. As a result, ‘Dynamite’ became the third BTS music video to reach 1.2 billion views, following ‘DNA’ and ‘Boy With Luv … Read more

BTS Advertisement fee, ’62 billion won in this year alone’.

Photo=BTS Instagram capture

‘Global Pop Icon’ group BTS ranked first as the most expensive star for advertising model fees. On Mnet’s ‘TMI NEWS’ broadcast on the 4th of August, the BEST 13 stars with expensive advertising model fees were revealed. Recently, fast food brand McDonald’s launched a BTS set promotion and recorded huge sales, and the sales of … Read more

BTS ranks first in ‘Global Hallyu Trend’ report

Photo = Korea International Cultural Exchange Agency

According to the ‘2021 Global Hallyu Trend’ handbook published by the Korea International Cultural Exchange Agency today (3rd August), the export of Korean cultural contents last year increased compared to 2019, before the outbreak of Corona 19, and the consumption of Hallyu contents abroad also increased compared to the previous year. The genre that consumed … Read more

BTS Jungkook sets a world record for ‘Most Viewed’ Live

Jungkook most viewed live

BTS Jungkook recorded the most viewed live, comments and likes in real-time on Naver V Live The American media allkpop recently reported an article with the title, “BTS Jungkook has a perfect all-kill record on V Live: Most Views, Most Comments, Most Likes Live”. The media reported that Jungkook currently has a perfect all-kill record … Read more