BTS free concert ‘Yet To Come’ in Busan

BTS free concert 'Yet To Come' in Busan 2022

The group BTS are holding a free concert, LIVE PLAY, and online live streaming of WORLD EXPO 2030 Concert <Yet To Come> in Busan, South Korea on 15 October. After the announcement of BTS  concert <Yet To Come> in Busan, the prices of accommodation near the concert venue are skyrocketing. Some accommodations are known to offer … Read more

BTS “Proof” album Tracklist CD 1

BTS 'Proof' Tracklist CD1

The group BTS has released the CD1 Tracklist of the new album ‘Proof‘, which contains the history of BTS. BTS released the CD1 Tracklist of 19 songs, including ‘Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)‘, the title song and new song of their new album Proof, on the 9th May through their official SNS. ‘Proof‘ is … Read more

BTS ‘Proof’ new album 2022

BTS 'Proof' new album We Are Bulletproof

The boyband BTS is now returning with an new album ‘Proof‘ that connotes their history and their fandom ARMYs are ready to rise up and support one of the most-anticipated comebacks of 2022. BigHit Music, the management company, announced details related to BTS new album ‘Proof‘ as the teaser was released on BTS official YouTube … Read more



LE SSERAFIM is the first girl group to be launched in co-operation with HYBE and Source Music. The group consists of six members: Sakura, Kim Chae-won, Huh Yun-jin, Kazuha, Kim Ga-ram and Hong Eun-chae. LE SSERAFIM has a very unique meaning behind its name. The phrase LE SSERAFIM is an acronym for ‘I am fearless’, … Read more


BTS Concert 'PTD On Stage - Seoul' in March

The group BTS are holding a concert ‘PTD ON STAGE – SEOUL‘ and they expressed their impressions of holding a face-to-face concert in Seoul for the first time in two and a half years. BTS will meet fans by holding ‘PTD ON STAGE – SEOUL‘ at 7 pm on the 10th March at the main … Read more

‘2022 Weverse Con’ : Justin Bieber, TXT and ENHYPEN

2022 Weverse Con

‘2022 Weverse Con‘ is Weverse’s New Year’s countdown concert with fans and artists under a new name. It contains the meaning of sharing the moment when the end of the year and the beginning of the new year meet. Justin Bieber, ENHYPEN, Seventeen, TXT performed at the concert, called 2022 Weverse Con : New Era … Read more


7fates Chakho

The group BTS have released short film teaser for ‘7 Fates: CHAKHO’, an upcoming original webtoon. With this BTS have also released the schedule from the Webtoon ‘7 Fates: CHAKHO‘. Group Photo : Jan 2, 2022. Official Teaser : Jan 8, 2022. Concept Photo 1 : Jan 8, 2022. Concept Photo 2 : Jan 11, … Read more

BTS Announces a Concert in Seoul, Korea

BTS Concert in Seoul, Korea

The group BTS will hold a concert in Seoul in March next year. BigHit Music, the agency, announced the news of the Seoul concert on the December 3rd, a short video was posted on BTS’ official Twitter account with the words saying “See you in Seoul, MARCH 2022″. The concert title was revealed through the … Read more



BTS ‘PTD On Stage‘ concert was held in Los Angeles, USA. The second day’s performance was also released to the media, and more than 50,000 fans attended. For the past two years when the stage lights have been turned off, BTS has comforted the Corona era with new songs and representing the voices of young … Read more

BTS Permission to Dance ON STAGE – LA is Tomorrow

BTS Permission to Dance On Stage - LA

BTS are holding offline concert ‘Permission To Dance On Stage – LA‘, at SoFi Stadium on 27th, 28th November and 1st, 2nd December. SoFi Stadium has turned purple ahead of BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE On Stage – LA” concerts starting the 27th. According to BigHit, it is estimated to have 47,000 attendance per day, making … Read more

BTS to participate in the ‘Grammy Award’ nomination announcement

BTS Grammy

The group BTS to participate in the announcement of nominations for the ‘2022 Grammy Awards‘ On the 23rd, US Billboard announced on its official website and SNS, “BTS will help announce the nominations for the ‘2022 Grammy Awards’.” The Recording Academy will announce the nominees for the ‘2022 Grammy Awards’ through live streaming on the … Read more

BIGHIT INFO, Photo Right Reserved

© BIGHIT INFO | All Right Reserved

BIGHIT INFO is an update and streaming Account that provides News and Information about BTS and TXT on Twitter, Instagram and Telegram. They are having 2 different accounts on the platform twitter, one is for Update @BIGHIT_INFO and Other one is an Streaming account @BIGHITINFO. BIGHIT INFO UPDATE ACCOUNT BIGHIT INFO STREAMING ACCOUNT :   … Read more

BTS Time capsule at the Museum of Korean History

BTS Time capsule

The “Time Capsule” delivered by the group BTS to the youth of the future will be released on The Museum of Korean History. The National Museum of Korean Contemporary History announced on the 16th that it will open the “Time Capsule” donated by Bangtan from the 17th of November in the permanent exhibition room. This … Read more

TXT ‘Frost’ special performance video released

TXT Frost Performance Video

The group TXT (Tomorrow X Together) has released a special performance video for ‘Frost’, which shows off its unique charm. On the afternoon of the 13th, TXT posted a special performance video teaser video for the song ‘Frost’ from the 2nd regular album ‘Chaos Chapter: FREEZE’ on their official Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. Then, on … Read more

Hybe establishes new label ‘ADOR’

Hybe new label ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin CBO

HYBE (CEO Park Ji-won) establishes a new label ‘ADOR (All Doors One Room)‘. CBO Min Hee-jin has been appointed as the CEO, and as an independent label under the Hybe multi-label system, it will develop differentiated businesses that have not been attempted by existing labels. ‘ADOR’ plans to introduce a new girl group with the … Read more

Jungkook Birthday drone fireworks show

Jungkook Birthday Firework

To celebrate the birthday of BTS Jungkook, a super-special drone fireworks show with fireworks was held and captured the attention of fans around the world. On 11th November, Chinese fan club ‘Jungkook China’ released support for ‘Happy Kookooro Day‘, a drone fireworks show with fireworks added to commemorate Jungkook’s birthday, via live streaming on YouTube. … Read more

TXT (Tomorrow X Together) drops first Japanese EP “Chaotic Wonderland”

TXT Japanese EP "Chaotic Wonderland"

The Group TXT (Tomorrow X Together) released its first Japanese EP “Chaotic Wonderland” on Wednesday, according to its music label BigHit Music. Including the lead track TXT “0X1=LOVESONG,” the EP “Chaotic Wonderland” consists of a total of four songs, Ito, MOA Diary (Dubaddu Wari Wari) [Japanese Ver.], Magic. “0X1=LOVESONG” is the same title as the … Read more

BTS Jin – Yours Jirisan OST Released

Jin - Yours Jirisan OST

The OST ‘Yours’ for tvN’s ‘Jirisan’ sung by ‘Jin’ of the group BTS has been released. As soon as ‘Yours‘ sung by the group BTS Jin was released, it topped iTunes in 83 countries including the United States. In particular, it even set a record for a Korean OST to top the US iTunes chart … Read more