BTS ‘Butter’ MV surpasses 500 million views.


The music video for the group BTS’ summer song ‘Butter’ has reached 500 million views. The number of YouTube views of the ‘Butter’ music video released by BTS on May 21 exceeded 500 million around 9:15 am on the 7th of August. With this, BTS has the 11th Music video with 500 million view in … Read more

BTS Jin’s Chinese fandom donates to Zhengzhou Red Cross to help victims of heavy rain

[Photo = BTS Jin]

BTS Jin’s Chinese fans practiced good influence by donating to help those affected by the heavy rain. Record heavy rain fell in Henan Province last month. In particular, in Zhengzhou, a year’s worth of heavy rain fell in three days, causing many lives and property damage. On the 21st of last month, Jin’s Chinese fanbase … Read more

BTS, ‘Dynamite’ MV surpassed 1.2 billion views.

[Photo= Provided By Bighit Music]

The music video for ‘Dynamite’ of the group BTS recorded 1.2 billion views. The number of YouTube views of the ‘Dynamite’ music video exceeded 1.2 billion at 6:21 pm on the 6th of August. As a result, ‘Dynamite’ became the third BTS music video to reach 1.2 billion views, following ‘DNA’ and ‘Boy With Luv … Read more

Indonesian ‘BTS ARMY’ set up their own vaccination center.

Indonesian BTS ARMY Twitter Capture

The Indonesian local fan club of the group BTS has set up its own COVID-19 vaccination center and vaccinated 10,000 people for free. According to CNN Indonesia on the 4th August, Indonesian ‘BTS Army’ held a vaccination program at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), the capital city, on the 31st of last month. Even if … Read more

BTS ranks first in ‘Global Hallyu Trend’ report

Photo = Korea International Cultural Exchange Agency

According to the ‘2021 Global Hallyu Trend’ handbook published by the Korea International Cultural Exchange Agency today (3rd August), the export of Korean cultural contents last year increased compared to 2019, before the outbreak of Corona 19, and the consumption of Hallyu contents abroad also increased compared to the previous year. The genre that consumed … Read more

BTS Jungkook sets a world record for ‘Most Viewed’ Live

Vlive Captured

BTS Jungkook recorded the most views, comments and likes in real-time on Naver V Live. The American media allkpop recently reported an article with the title, “BTS Jungkook has a perfect all-kill record on V Live: Most Views, Most Comments, Most Likes Live”. The media reported that Jungkook currently has a perfect all-kill record on … Read more