ENHYPEN ‘DARK MOON: The Blood Altar’

HYBE’s original story ‘DARK MOON: The Blood Altar‘ inspired by K-pop Boyband, ENHYPEN has been released.

In the uniform concept the ENHYPEN members were standing against the bright moon. ‘DARK MOON : The Blood Altar‘ is a webtoon and web novel with a supernatural, bloody storyline and the members played the character of 7 vampire boys as they live their fateful lives.

List of the main characters and their super powers are as follows ;

Jungwon as Jakah, who has an ability to teleport and moving from one place to another.

Heesung as Heli, who has an ability of telepathy so he can read minds and communicate without talking.

Jay as Jaan, he has X-ray Vision and can see inside things using his eyes.

Jake as Jino, who has ability of pyrokinesis which used to create and control flame and set things on fire through the concentration of psychic power.

Sunoo as Shion, has power of Gravity manipulation which is an ability to control the space-time continuum, reality warping and manipulating time and space.

Sunghoon as Solon, has superhuman strength, it’s the ability for any creature to be stronger than normally possible given their proportions and also has ‘Heterochromia eyes’ which means having iris of different colors which is stated in his character synopsis that he hides big secret.

NI-KI as Noa, who time travels into the past or the future and can control darkness.

And the side characters are as follows ;

  • K as Khan
  • EJ as Werewolf
  • Nicholas as Najak
  • Sooha

The story begins in Riverfield where vampires and werewolves are common high school rivals. Sooha, an unusual new girl arrives in Riverfield. The competition are attracted to her for no apparent reason.

As the village is rocked by horrible events, the long-forgotten pasts of the lads start to come out. Their entire world is upended. As the story progresses more shocking truths and mysteries are revealed.

The story is quite intriguing and the work has received favourable reviews and recorded high scores. ‘DARK MOON: The Blood Altar‘ by ENHYPEN has scored 9.89 and 9.91 on their English and Spanish services respectively on  Webtoon platform.

And comments are very exciting as their fans, ENGENE are coming up with the new possible theories.

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