FILA launches ‘2021 Fall Collection’ with BTS

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Global sports brand FILA announced on the 19th June that it has released the Fall 2021 Collection consisting of clothes, shoes and accessories that best match FILA’s unique ‘stylish performance’ concept this fall.

Under the theme of ‘Find Your Basics’, it is packed with items that are comfortable and focused on the basics. With a focus on dynamic performance style, it is characterized by reflecting the brand’s unique design elements derived from heritage, so that you can enjoy trendy yet sensual autumn fashion.

In the case of clothing in this collection, performance clothing with variations such as natural colors such as melange and gray and generous silhouettes were presented. The representative item, ‘Loose Fit One Point Logo Hooded T-shirt’, has a relaxed T-shirt shape with a hat attached and uses the FILA small logo on the center of the chest as a point. It is a comfortable and natural sportism look that has recently been spotlighted, as well as a real performance wear for before and after exercise.

In addition to practicality, the comfortable color composition of melange, taupe, navy, and black that goes well with the seasons and nature also stands out. There are 4 colors in total. If you wear black and navy colors with ‘loose-fit one-point jogger pants’ of the same color, you can create a trendy ‘set-up look’. The collection also includes a simple and concise ‘loose-fit long-sleeved round T-shirt’ and a ‘loose-fit nylon zip-up jacket’, which is good for fall because of its mesh lining and excellent ventilation.

Shoes are also different. ‘FLAGPOLE’ is a new running shoe that reflects the ‘Energized 2.0’ midsole implemented with FILA’s unique technology. Its light weight and excellent cushioning provide a comfortable fit even if you wear it for a long time. It is suitable as entry running shoes for novice runners and shoes for everyday life.

BTS Fila
[Photo = Provided by Fila]
FILA released a new advertisement for the global model BTS in line with the release of the 2021 fall collection. Standing under the clear autumn sky, BTS drew attention by expressing Fila’s autumn look in a more colorful and individual way with their unique poses and expressions. The new advertisement of BTS along with the FILA Fall 2021 collection can be checked through the official FILA SNS (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) and the FILA official website.

An official from FILA said, “We are pleased to present the fall collection that expresses the brand’s unique performance mood in a more natural and comfortable way. We hope that it will be a new proposal for consumers who are looking for it.”


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