Indonesian ‘BTS ARMY’ set up their own vaccination center.

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The Indonesian Army fan club of the group BTS has set up its own COVID-19 vaccination center and vaccinated 10,000 people for free.

According to CNN Indonesia on the 4th August, Indonesian ‘BTS Army’ held a vaccination program at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), the capital city, on the 31st July.

Even if you’re not a BTS fan, anyone over 12 years of age with an ID can get the vaccine. China’s Sinovac vaccine was provided for this program. Shelly Wilson ‘Smile Ami’ plans for this project, “We are supporting the vaccine to accelerate the program of the government” and  “I hope that vaccination will quickly break the chain of spread of the COVID -19 virus and we can all return to our normal lives,” they said.

As part of the program, Indonesia’s Army installed BTS fan art at the vaccination center and played a video of the performance so that visitors could enjoy it. they displayed a variety of BTS inspired artworks at the inoculation station so that people vaccinated can enjoy the artwork. The name of the exhibition was ‘Stay Gold’, the title track of the album BTS released in Japan last year.

The exhibition will continue after the inoculation program is over and can be viewed until the 8th of this month. Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), tweeted, “I have received some moving news from the Indonesian BTS ARMY. Thank you for your contribution to the Equal Vaccine Program. Please continue.”

A local Indonesian media said, “It can be said that this is the latest version of the human project started by fans.” Indonesia peaked in re-spreading due to the delta mutation, with the number of daily new cases exceeding 50,000 in mid-March, but recently the number of daily new cases has slightly eased to 20,000 to 30,000.

[By Gaurav, K-POP UPDATES]

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