Jimin song “Dear Army” a Heartfelt Tribute to BTS Fans

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BTS member Jimin has released a new music video titled “Dear Army” to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his debut.

The emotional video, which features footage of Jimin’s journey with BTS, is a tribute to the group’s dedicated fanbase, known as ARMY. In the video, Jimin sings about the struggles and triumphs of the past decade, thanking ARMY for their unwavering support.

“Without you, I wouldn’t be here today,” he says in the song’s chorus.

In his heartfelt song ‘Dear Army’, Jimin opens up about his inner thoughts and feelings, grappling with how to express his gratitude to his beloved fans, ARMY. He acknowledges his own limitations in finding the right words but assures that he will approach this message with sincerity.

The song Lyrics for ‘Dear Army’ by Jimin are :

What should I say And how should I say it I’m not so good at this

I know it may seem cliché But I’ll try not to make it sound so light As I convey these words

I say oh oh I want you to be happier Whenever I stumbled and fell You, who reached out your hand to me

I say oh oh Now I’ll be the one to hold you up Whenever you wanna cry So you won’t fall

Even after time passes by Will we stay the same? Just like when we first met

If you and I are together Even the desert can turn into a sea Just like the way we used to be

I say oh oh I hope this lasts forever When I was lost in the cold winter You came to me like a warm spring day

I say oh oh I will always cherish The relationship between us And the moments we filled it with

Baby, don’t leave Just stay by my side, yeah You who saw someone much greater in me than myself To give you in return everything you have given me And to keep my promises to you

Don’t you worry By your side I’ll always stay, yeah Though we don’t know what lies ahead It can be scary, it can be daunting But never forget that we are together

I know it may seem cliché But I’ll try not to make it sound so light As I convey these words


The song “Dear Army” expresses Jimin’s desire for their relationship to endure, highlighting the warmth and comfort that ARMY has brought into his life. He treasures the moments they’ve shared and vows to reciprocate the support they have given him and the group.

Watch the video, here!

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