Jungkook Birthday drone fireworks show

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To celebrate the birthday of BTS Jungkook, a super-special drone fireworks show with fireworks was held and captured the attention of fans around the world.

On 11th November, Chinese fan club ‘Jungkook China’ released support for ‘Happy Kookooro Day‘, a drone fireworks show with fireworks added to commemorate Jungkook’s birthday, via live streaming on YouTube.

This was planned to commemorate Jungkook’s birthday on September 1, but was postponed due to bad weather, and it was successfully completed at the Han River Park in Yeouido on the 11th November.

In the live streaming, 220 drones emitting fireworks floating over the Han River, such as ‘WE ♡ JK’, ‘ALWAYS WITH JK’, ‘I love Jungkook’, ‘STILL WITH YOU’, ‘HAPPY JK DAY’, etc.

Then, towards the end of the drone show, a spectacular and fantastic fireworks display captured the attention of the viewers as they took a long, long-distance fireworks display, bringing joy and emotion to the viewers.

Prior to the broadcast, Jungkook China emphasized that it would strictly comply with local laws and quarantine measures for the safety of the support, and recommended watching only live streaming while announcing it as a guerrilla castle an hour before the broadcast.

Meanwhile, in commemoration of Jungkook’s birthday in September, Jungkook China hosted a light show, including fireworks, on the Han River once through a live streaming on YouTube.

In celebration of Jungkook birthday this year, Jungkook China showed off his strong fan power and strong financial power by providing 33rd rounds of support from around the world.

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