BTS Jungkook Birthday Messages from Members

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BTS member Jungkook is celebrating his birthday.

On the 1st September, posts of members celebrating Jungkook’s birthday were posted on BTS’ official Twitter and on global fan community platform Weverse.

Suga Message for Jungkook on Twitter

Suga wrote, “The 15-year old Jungkookie’s become a 25-year old Jungkookie.. Happy birthday Je-ke~#hbdJungkook #ItsSugaHyung #YoureAnAdultNow #HmmTimeFlies.”, He looked back on the past, revealing the friendship he had been with for a long time.

RM congratulating Jungkook

Namjoon wishing Jungkook on Twitter
[Photo= BTS official Twitter]
RM then gave a short congratulations “KookieHBD -the school principal – ”

Because Jungkook said RM is making a speech like a principal at their concert on Vlive yesterday.

In the photo released along with this, RM and Jungkook showing off their wacky charms and taking selfies were included.

BTS member Jin delivered a message to Jungkook

Jin congratulating Jungkook on Weverse
[Photo = Jin Weverse]
BTS member Jin delivered a message to Jungkook with a picture saying, “Jungkook, I know you are doing live right now.. but it’s never ending so i’m posting this and going to sleep, happy birthday to you!

In the photo, there are two people posing while filming the last ‘2020 Winter Package’.


Jungkook Birthday Vlive

Jungkook Vlive
[Photo = Jungkook from Vlive]
On the 31st, Jungkook held a birthday celebration broadcast with his fans through Naver VLIVE.

He not only communicated with fans through various stories, but also sang on the spot and had a good time.

And his broadcast has ended with 20.4 Million real-time viewers and has sets new record for being the Most LIKED with 2.1B real time hearts and MOST commented with 64.1M comments.

BTS Jungkook sets a world record for ‘Most Viewed’ Live

Previously, media reported that Jungkook currently has a perfect all-kill record on VLIVE, recording the most views: 22.1 million views, most comments: 31.6 million comments, and most likes (hearts): 925 million likes.

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  1. Yes it was a brilliant V live, it was the best 2hrs30mins ever, I didn’t stop smiling + singing along to our personal JK concert lol xx

  2. I’m new Army Girl✨ umm Junggukie oppa My Birthday is coming too in 14 September 💜Can you wish me🥺 Because Your wish is my best birthday gift forever ♾️🥺🥺🔪I Know I don’t get your any reply 🙂✌


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