Jungkook for Vogue Korea 2023

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BTS member Jungkook recent film release for Vogue Korea.

On the 26th September, Jungkook recent film release, where he served as creative director, premiered on the Vogue Korea social network service.

The main film began with a black and white political situation. With his bangs pulled back, Jungkook put on a suit and shoes and started dancing. Afterwards, as the colored screen appeared, his dandiness, free-spirited mood, and mischievous appearance full of rebelliousness were depicted one after another.

Fans showed their fascination with Jungkook, giving reactions such as “I’m excited,” “He’s a hot guy himself,” “I’m struck by the look in his eyes,” and “A 17-year-old baby has become a man.”

This summer, Jungkook’s solo song ‘Seven‘ received a lot of love. In an interview with Vogue Korea, Jungkook shared that ‘Seven‘ had given him confidence and positive thoughts about his future endeavors.

Jungkook spoke about ARMY, the fan club, as the driving force behind pursuing his dreams. He stated, “(I think) I exist for the fans who love me, support me, and wait for me. So I want to make them feel proud and special.” Despite the increasing pressure, Jungkook remains committed to making ARMY proud through his work.

On the 16th September, Vogue Korea released preview for October issue covers. BTS’s Jungkook poses as the model of the four covers of Vogue Korea. Each cover represents a distinct Western music era, from ‘Jazz Age’ to ‘British Rock in the 60s’, ‘1970s Punk’, & ‘Modern Hip-Hop’.

Meanwhile, Jungkook will release his second solo single ‘3D’ on the 29th September. This is a quick comeback about two months after the release of ‘Seven’.

‘3D’ is a song of the R&B pop genre that wittily expresses one’s feelings for an unreachable person through the subject of first-, second-, and third-dimensional perspectives. With ‘Seven’, Jungkook ranked first on Billboard’s ‘Hot 100’, and attention is being paid to whether ‘3D’ will also be successful.

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