Jungkook Reveals Promotion Schedule for “Seven”

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Jungkook, a member of BTS, announced his schedule for promoting his upcoming digital single called “Seven.” The schedule includes a series of exciting events that will give fans a sneak peek into Jungkook’s creative process.

Let’s take a closer look at the Jungkook “Seven‘ Promotion Schedule :

July 3: Official Release of “Still With You” and “My You”

  • Two previously unveiled tracks by the talented artist will be available on streaming platforms starting Monday, July 3.

July 6: Concept Photo/Short Film

  • Fans can look forward to a concept photo and a short film that visually represent the theme and atmosphere of “Seven.”

July 7: BTS (Behind-The-Scenes) Film

  • A behind-the-scenes film will be released, giving fans a look at how Jungkook made the song.

July 10: Recording Film Preview

  • Get a sneak peek into Jungkook’s studio time and witness his dedication to creating the perfect sound for “Seven.”

July 12: “Seven” MV Teaser

  • Experience a glimpse of the captivating visuals and storyline of the official music video through the teaser.

July 14: “Seven” Official MV

  • The highly anticipated official music video for “Seven” will be released, showcasing Jungkook’s exceptional talent and unique charm.

July 15: “Seven” Official Performance Video

  • Fans will be treated to an official performance video, witnessing Jungkook’s electrifying stage presence and dance skills.

July 25: Recording Film

  • An exclusive recording film will be released, giving fans a deeper understanding of the production process.
BTS Jungkook to release solo Digital single “Seven”
BTS Jungkook to release solo Digital single “Seven”

In addition to the promotion schedule, it was revealed that actress Han So-hee had taken the lead role in Jungkook’s “Seven” music video.

According to various media outlets, Han So-hee flew to Los Angeles, USA, to film the music video for Jungkook’s solo song. After successfully finishing the shoot, she returned to Korea on the 22 June.

However, BigHit Music responded, stating that they cannot confirm Han So-hee’s appearance in Jungkook’s solo music video.

 Jungkook’s solo song ‘Seven’ is reportedly directed by Bradley & Pablo, a well-known film director duo known for their work with other artists like Rosalia, Harry Styles, and Cardi B.

“Seven” is described as a fun and energetic summer song that highlights Jungkook’s unique charm. BIGHIT MUSIC, the agency representing Jungkook, hopes that this song will make fans’ summer even more exciting.

Fans all around the world are eagerly awaiting Jungkook’s solo debut and are excited to see what he has in store for them. The release of “Seven” is expected to be a big success and will further establish Jungkook as a talented artist.

Jungkook ‘Seven’ Promotion Schedule :

 3 July – “Still With You” / “My You” Official Release
 6 July – Concept Photo/Short Film
 7 July – BTS (Behind-The-Scenes) Film 
10 July – Recording Film Preview
12 July – “Seven” MV Teaser
14 July – “Seven” Official MV
15 July – “Seven” Official Performance Video
25 July – Recording Film

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