Jungkook “Seven” Official Music Video Release

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BTS Jungkook will release his solo single ‘Seven’ and take the first step in his official solo career.

In anticipation of the release, Jungkook introduced the song through BigHit Music and shared his thoughts on embarking on his solo career.

Jungkook said about the song Seven, “It’s an addictive song that anyone can easily and comfortably enjoy.”

‘Seven’ is a song that combines an addictive melody with a warm-sounding acoustic guitar and rhythm of the ‘UK garage’ genre, making it a ‘summer song’ that anyone can enjoy the summer energy. .

The lyrics of the song passionately convey the desire to spend an entire week with a loved one, with Jungkook’s sweet vocals further enhancing the song’s charm and perfection.

Through “Seven,” Jungkook aims to fully showcase his individuality and charm as a solo artist, distinct from his role in BTS.

Jungkook’s solo project for “Seven” has attracted a stellar lineup of collaborators, including Grammy Award-winning music producer and composer Andrew Watt, Circuit, and the producer of the song.

Additionally, American rapper Latto brings liveliness and exciting energy as a featured artist on “Seven.”

Scooter Braun, CEO of Hive America, actively participated in the overall process of “Seven” and supported Jungkook’s solo project.

To complement the music video, actress Han So-hee makes an appearance, adding synergy to the visual representation of the song. The teaser video released on the 13th garnered immense attention from fans worldwide, surpassing 1 million views within 10 minutes of its release.

Reflecting on the creation of “Seven,” Jungkook shared, “I contemplated how to make ‘Seven’ enjoyable for a wider audience. It was my first attempt in this particular genre, and the production process felt fresh. I learned a lot during the recording, and overall, it was a refreshing and positive experience.”

Meanwhile, on the 14th July, Jungkook will take the stage as the first performer for GMA’s ‘2023 Summer Concert Series’ in the US, where he will present a live performance of “Seven” for the first time.

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