Lisa (리사) – Blackpink

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Lisa Manoban, popularly known as Lisa (리사), is a Thai rapper, dancer, and singer. She is a member of the South Korean girl group Blackpink.

Lisa : Early Life and Background

Lisa was born on March 27, 1997, in Bangkok, Thailand. Her birth name is Pranpriya Manoban, but she later adopted the stage name Lisa.

Growing up, Lisa was exposed to various cultures and languages due to her family’s multicultural background. She is of Thai and Swiss descent, and she can fluently speak Thai, Korean, English, and basic Japanese.

Introduction to Music

Lisa’s passion for dancing and music developed at a young age. She participated in various dance competitions during her school years and garnered attention for her exceptional skills.

In 2010, Lisa auditioned for YG Entertainment, one of South Korea’s top entertainment agencies known for producing some of the biggest K-pop acts. Impressed by her talent, she became the first non-Korean trainee to join YG Entertainment.

Lisa : Debut with Blackpink

In 2016, Lisa made her highly anticipated debut as a member of Blackpink, alongside Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé. The group quickly gained immense popularity both in South Korea and internationally.

Blackpink’s debut single “Boombayah” became an instant hit, and their subsequent releases, such as “Whistle” and “Playing with Fire,” solidified their position as one of the leading K-pop girl groups.

Rise to International Prominence

Blackpink’s global breakthrough came with their 2018 single “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du,” which achieved unprecedented success on the charts and became the most-viewed music video by a K-pop group at the time.

Lisa’s captivating rap verses and powerful dance moves captivated fans worldwide, establishing her as a rising star in the international music scene.

Solo Endeavors

Aside from her activities with Blackpink, Lisa embarked on several solo projects.

In 2019, she appeared as a dance mentor on the Chinese survival show “Idol Producer,” where she showcased her exceptional dancing skills and garnered praise for her mentoring abilities.

In 2020, She became a mentor on the dance competition show “Youth With You.”

In 2021, Lisa released her highly anticipated solo debut single album, “Lalisa.” The album showcased her versatility as an artist, with its energetic title track “Lalisa” and the melodic B-side “Money.” “Lalisa” broke numerous records, achieving the highest number of views for a solo debut music video in 24 hours on YouTube. The song topped charts in various countries, solidifying Lisa’s status as a successful solo artist.

Influence and Impact

Lisa’s impact extends beyond her musical talents. Her unique fashion sense and captivating stage presence have made her a style icon and inspiration to fans around the world.

She has collaborated with renowned fashion brands and graced the covers of numerous fashion magazines, further establishing herself as a global fashion influencer.

Lisa’s popularity on social media platforms is remarkable. She became the most followed K-pop idol on Instagram, surpassing 95 million followers, and her posts regularly receive millions of likes and comments.

Her immense influence has led to numerous endorsement deals, making her a sought-after brand ambassador for various products and luxury brands.

Social Media

Lisa of BLACKPINK has an active presence on social media platforms.

Lisa account :

  1. Instagram : @lalalalisa_m

BLACKPINK account :

  1. Instagram: @blackpinkofficial
  2. Twitter: @blackpink 
  3. Twitter: @ygofficialblink
  5. YouTube: @blackpink
  6. TikTok: @blackpinkofficial
  7. Weibo:

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