Coldplay x BTS’s new single “My Universe”debuts  at #3 on the UK’s Official Chart

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The collaboration song ‘My Universe’ by the group BTS and Coldplay was also successful in the UK.

According to the UK Official Chart, ‘My Universe’, a collaboration song between BTS and Coldplay, released on the 24th September, took third place on the ‘Official Singles Chart Top 100’.

With this, BTS once again climbed to the top of this chart, following ‘Dynamite’ released in August of last year and ‘Butter’ released in May of this year.

The UK Official Chart compiles about 50 charts covering albums and singles, and among them, the single chart is ranked based on album sales, music downloads, and number of streaming.

In addition to the 3rd place in the ‘Official Singles Chart Top 100’, ‘My Universe’ is ranked 1st in the ‘Official Singles Sales Chart Top 100’, 1st in the ‘Official Single Download Chart Top 100’, 3rd in the ‘Official Singles Chart Update Top 100’, and 3rd in the ‘Official Singles Chart Top 100’.

It ranked 15th on the Irish Singles Chart Top 50′ and 23rd on the ‘Official Single Audio Streaming Chart Top 100’.

‘My Universe’, a collaboration song between BTS and Coldplay, showed an unrivaled presence in other charts at home and abroad before the UK official chart.

According to the latest chart released by Spotify (as of September 25), the song was streamed 6,768,788 times on the first day of its release, ranking 3rd at the same time as entering the ‘Global Top 200’ chart occupying the ‘My Universe’ topped the ‘Weekly Digital Single Ranking’ on the latest Japanese Oricon chart (as of October 4, counting period from September 20 to 26).

‘My Universe’ will be included in Coldplay’s 9th album ‘Music Of The Spheres’, which will be released on the 15th October.

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