Controversy : Nursing Officer visited BTS Jin without authorization

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Military authorities are investigating a female nursing officer who visited the place where BTS member Jin (Kim Seok-jin) serves without authorization.

A female nursing officer in her 20s, allegedly made an unauthorized visit to the unit where global K-pop sensation BTS member Jin was serving. The incident, which took place without the unit’s approval, has raised serious concerns and prompted military authorities to launch an investigation.

The Unauthorized Visit:

Nursing officer reportedly undertook a 30-minute journey from the 28th division to Unit C, located in B-city, Gyeonggi-do, at approximately 1:30 pm. Her purpose was to meet BTS’ Jin, an encounter that was neither sanctioned nor approved by the unit in question.

It was later revealed that the nursing officer had previously visited other units during working hours without proper authorization, leading to further scrutiny of her actions.

The Vaccination Controversy:

At the time, vaccinations were being conducted for soldiers in the medical office at an University.

Adding fuel to the fire, there are suspicions that the nursing officer may have administered a vaccination directly to Jin during her unauthorized visit as she have visited the University. However, during the investigation, she denied vaccinating BTS Jin herself.

Military officials stated that while medical support between adjacent units is not unheard of, there was no formal request or approval for such assistance in this case.

Dispelling Conspiracies:

Rumors began circulating that the nursing officer had conspired with an unnamed nursing officer from Jin’s unit to orchestrate the visit.

However, military authorities confirmed that these allegations were unfounded following a thorough inspection. The focus of the investigation now lies on determining the exact details of the incident and taking appropriate disciplinary actions against the nursing officer involved.

It is also alleged that nursing officer had bribed her way to meet BTS Jin by promising their base with a large supply of Tylenol from her base to his base, that is from the 28th Division to the 5th Division.

Legal Ramifications:

According to Article 79 of the Military Criminal Act, leaving one’s workplace or designated area without permission or failing to reach the designated place at the appointed time can result in imprisonment or a fine.

The seriousness of the nursing officer actions, if proven, could lead to severe consequences for her career and personal life.

Public Outrage and Implications:

The controversy surrounding the nursing officer unauthorized visit has sparked outrage among the public, with many expressing their concerns over security protocols within the military.

As a result of the incident, potential loopholes and lapses have come to light, raising questions concerning how effective existing regulations are in preventing such occurrences.


As the investigation into nursing officer unauthorized visit to BTS Jin continues, the controversy highlights the importance of maintaining strict protocols and enforcing discipline within the military.

The outcome of this case will not only have consequences for the nursing officer involved but also serve as a crucial lesson in safeguarding the integrity and security of military units.

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