BTS V became Top 10 Instagram global Influencer

BTS V Instagram

BTS V (Kim Taehyung) selected as one of the Top 10 global influencer on Instagram. BTS member V became the first Korean male celebrity to become the ‘Top 10 Most Influential People on Instagram‘, reaffirming the reputation of the ‘Social King’, according to ranking of the influencer marketing platform ‘HypeAuditor‘. Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo took … Read more

PSY That That ft. SUGA of BTS

PSY 'That That' Suga of BTS

PSY has been working together with BTS member Suga for his new upcoming album song “That That“. The agency, P Nation revealed on 26 April that BTS Suga collaborated with the PSY for a new song “That That,” PSY’s 9th full-length album. Suga co-produced “That That” with PSY, and took part in the overall production … Read more

PSY ‘That That” ft. Suga of BTS to release

PSY That That Ft Suga of BTS

PSY is about to make a comeback with ‘That That‘, the title song of his ninth regular album ‘PSY 9th’, which is co-produced with Suga of BTS. The K-pop stars who shook the US Billboard charts now came together. It’s about PSY, the main character of the mega hit ‘Gangnam Style‘, and SUGA, a member … Read more

Jimin OST “With You” (Our Blue) Released

Jimin OST 'With You' for 'Our Blues'

BTS Jimin and Ha Sung-woon collaborated OST for the drama ‘Our Blues‘ name “With You” is released now on all music streaming platforms. Jimin ‘With You’ is a song about wanting to be by the side of the people you love, and the harmony between the acoustic guitar and the piano gives warmth. This is a … Read more

BTS Jimin ‘With You’ OST for drama ‘Our Blues’

BTS Jimin OST "With You" for drama 'Our Blues'

The OST ‘With You’ for the drama ‘Our Blue’, in which the group BTS Jimin and singer Ha Sung-woon collaborated is going to release today. On the 24th, the producer of the OST for ‘Our Blues’, “Yum Nyam Entertainment” said, ‘Our Blues‘ OST Part 4 ‘With You’, sung by BTS Jimin and Ha Sung-woon, will … Read more

BTS V brand value to advertise on Instagram

BTS V Instagram

The Instagram account of BTS group member V (Kim Taehyung) surpassed all surviving stars around the world and ranked first in brand value. According to a social media auditor company on the 22nd April, the estimated cost of sponsorship (advertisement) posts on BTS V Instagram account as of the same day was up to $773,000 (about 960 million Korean won). $773,000 is the highest amount among BTS … Read more

ENHYPEN Jay in Time Square NYC 

credit = whosfan, ENHYPEN Jay

ENHYPEN Jay ad displayed on a large billboard in Times Square, New York, USA to celebrate his birthday. According to Whosfan, global K-pop fandom platform on the 20th, ‘Who is the idol to be celebrated on a birthday in Times Square?’ In the third week of April voting, Jay took first place. With the support of … Read more

BLACKPINK Lisa on Star Ranking Female Idol

BLACKPINK Lisa ranked 1 on Star Ranking Female Idol

BLACKPINK Lisa took first place in the Star Ranking Female Idol category for the fifth week. In the third week of April, vote for the Star Ranking Female Idol category held from 3 PM on April 14th to 3 PM on April 21st. Lisa took the first place and received 11,136 votes. BLACKPINK Lisa has … Read more

BTS comeback “We Are Bulletproof” June 2022

BTS comeback "We Are Bulletproof" June 2022

The group BTS has confirmed a comeback ‘WE ARE BULLETPROOF‘ on 10 June 2022. On April 16th, BTS announced their comeback on June 10th through the last day of ‘BTS Permission to Dance on Stage-Las Vegas‘ held at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, USA. BTS turned Las Vegas purple through ‘BTS Permission to Dance on … Read more


TXT minisode 2: Thursday's Child

TXT (Tomorrow x Together) has released a promotion schedule for ‘MINISODE 2: THURSDAY’S CHILD‘ and begins the countdown to a full-fledged comeback TXT posted a promotional scheduler for their 4th mini album ‘minisode 2: Thursday’s Child‘ on the official SNS at midnight on April 15th. The album name and content release schedule are written on a … Read more

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BTS ‘PTD On Stage – Las Vegas’ Press conference


BTS held a press conference at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, USA to commemorate the solo concert ‘BTS PTD ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS‘ and answered question of reporters. J-Hope said, “I would like to thank all the reporters who have come a long way”. BTS Jungkook said, “Thank you so much for coming. … Read more

Las Vegas turns into purple BTS City “BORAHAEGAS”

"BORAHAEGAS" las vegas

“WELCOME TO THE BORAHAEGAS!”  Las Vegas turns Purple welcoming BTS and ARMYs around the globe and named its official page as BORAHAEGAS. BTS has taken over Las Vegas, which is famous for its colorful neon signs and colorful lights, has been dyed purple. In various places in downtown Las Vegas, the electronic boards with the words … Read more

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BTS will promote Korea Tourism in PTD On Stage


The Korea Tourism Organization announced on the 5th April that they will launch an online and offline Korean tourism promotion campaign for the global BTS fans in time of concert BTS ‘PTD On Stage’ to be held in Las Vegas, USA from the 8th April. BTS will hold the concert ‘PTD On Stage – Las Vegas‘ from the 8th~9th April and the 15th~16th April at the Allegiant Stadium and meet ARMYs (BTS fans) from around the world. The Korea Tourism Organization is planning to install a Korean tourism promotion booth at the Las Vegas for a … Read more

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BTS concert “PTD On Stage – Las Vegas” in April 2022

BTS concert 'PTD ON STAGE - Las Vegas'

The group BTS concert ‘PTD On stage’ in Las Vegas, USA is approaching in a week. BTS will hold the concert ‘BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS’ at Allegiant Stadium on the 8th~9th April and on 15th~16th April. After about a month since ‘BTS PTD ON STAGE – SEOUL’ held at the … Read more

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Insu Committee will visits BTS agency ‘HYBE’

Presidential Translation will visit Hybe

The Presidential Transition Committee will visit the headquarters of BTS agency Hybe tomorrow on 2nd April. Ahn Cheol-soo, chairman of the transition committee, and members of the social welfare subcommittee of the Transition committee will visit BTS agency HYBE on 2nd April, to discuss the direction of the development of the Korean wave culture industry. There is also a prospect that special plans for military service for … Read more

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BTS Permission To Dance THE CITY – LAS VEGAS


Hybe to hold BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE The City – Las Vegas making the Las Vegas a BTS City. Hybe announced on the 30th that it will launch the ‘THE CITY’ project in Las Vegas to celebrate the BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS concert held from April 8-9, 15-16, making the … Read more

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BTS Jimin OST for new drama “Our Blues”

BTS Jimin

BTS Jimin participates in tvN’s new drama ‘Our Blues’ OST, this is the first drama OST since his debut. Yum Nyam Entertainment, the producer of ‘Our Blues’ OST, said, “BTS Jimin is singing the OST for tvN’s new Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Our Blues‘. ‘Our Blues‘ the series revolves around the sweet and bitter life … Read more

BTS: Over the Universe show at Everland

BTS: Over The Universe Show at Everland

BTS: Over the Universe show at amusement park Everland will run from March 18 to Aug 23. The free 15 minutes multimedia show will feature 7 BTS global hit song’s videos, music, fireworks, lighting, special effects. Samsung C&T Resort Group announced on the March 13th that BTS: Over the Universe show will be held every … Read more

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BTS concert PTD ON STAGE – Seoul (Live viewing)

BTS concert PTD on Stage - Seoul Live viewing

BTS “PTD On Stage – Seoul” D-2 Live Viewing concert was broadcast live at 3711 movie theaters in 75 countries and regions around the world.  BigHit Music said, “The second performance of BTS ‘Permission to Dance on Stage – Seoul‘ (PTD On Stage – Seoul) was held in front of 15,000 audience at Jamsil Sports … Read more

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BTS Concert 'PTD On Stage - Seoul' in March

The group BTS are holding a concert ‘PTD ON STAGE – SEOUL‘ and they expressed their impressions of holding a face-to-face concert in Seoul for the first time in two and a half years. BTS will meet fans by holding ‘PTD ON STAGE – SEOUL‘ at 7 pm on the 10th March at the main … Read more