PSY ‘That That” ft. Suga of BTS to release

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PSY is about to make a comeback with ‘That That‘, the title song of his ninth regular album ‘PSY 9th’, which is co-produced with Suga of BTS.

The K-pop stars who shook the US Billboard charts now came together. It’s about PSY, the main character of the mega hit ‘Gangnam Style‘, and SUGA, a member of the ‘global idol’ group BTS. The people who collaborated on the new song ‘That That’ shake the Billboard charts once again, raising interest in whether they will announce the potential of K-pop.

That That” is a new song from PSY’s ninth regular album ‘PSY 9th’. PSY co-produced ‘That That’ with BTS Suga. Suga took charge of writing lyrics, composing, and arranging, and actively supported Psy. He didn’t even take on the feature, but the fact that a surprise collaboration with PSY was accomplished is attracting the interest of global music fans. It’s a ‘special meeting’.

First of all, PSY is a historical figure who broke through the high barriers of Billboard and announced the power of K-pop to the world. The song ‘Gangnam Style’ released in 2012 put PSY on the list of ‘world stars’. ‘Gangnam Style’ became a mega hit, occupying 2nd place on the Singles Chart Hot 100 for 7 weeks in a row. Psy added songs released after the success of ‘Gangnam Style‘ such as ‘GENTLEMAN’ (#5), ‘HANGOVER’ (#26), and ‘DADDY’ (#97) to the Hot 100, increased its presence.

In the interview video of ‘That That’, which was released on PSY official SNS on the 27th, PSY and Suga said, “There is an orthodoxy seen in the music industry that song which comes out right away’. It was a jiff that I haven’t felt in a long time. It fit perfectly,” he said, expressing his satisfaction with the song.

PSY will release all 9 songs including “That That” prod. & ft. and Starring SUGA of BTS on various music sites at 6 pm on the April 29th (Fri). On the day of the release of the song, reporters in charge of music from the media will be invited to hold a press hearing. At this event, he is expected to tell a detailed story about the collaboration with Suga and the song.

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