RM as the Ministry of National Defense’s excavation ambassador

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RM, the leader of BTS, will be appointed the ambassador for the Ministry of National Defense’s excavation team on June 1st, 2023

According to the music industry on the 31st May, the Ministry of National Defense’s Remains Investigation Team will officially appoint RM as a public relations ambassador, the ceremony will be held tomorrow (1 June).

This team is responsible for finding the remains of soldiers who passed away during the Korean War (1950-1953) and & provide peace to their families.

RM’s role as an ambassador will involve helping the remains discovery team raise awareness about their project in different ways.

The team not only looks for the remains of Korean and international soldiers, but also tries to return them to their home countries for humanitarian reasons. They believe in honoring the fallen soldiers and bringing closure to their families.

BTS are known for using their fame to talk about important social issues like racism and violence.

In 2021, BTS even attended a United Nations conference and spoke on behalf of young people all around the world.

BTS believe in embracing change and spreading positivity in their daily lives.

RM said in a YouTube video last year, “I debuted as a singer and felt a heavy sense of responsibility both socially and globally.”

Many people in the music industry believe that BTS’ activities align with the mission of the remains discovery team.

Both BTS and the team work towards promoting peace and understanding among people, even in the midst of conflicts and disagreements.

By working together, RM and the Ministry of National Defense’s remains discovery team hope to bring attention to the importance of remembering and honoring those who sacrificed their lives during the Korean War.

Through their efforts, they aim to promote harmony and understanding among people from different backgrounds, showing that even in difficult times, we can come together as one.

Meanwhile, BTS j-hope also became an assistant instructor at the Army Recruit Training Center.

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