SEXY NUKIM (feat. RM of BTS) – Balming Tiger

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The new song ‘SEXY NUKIM‘ (feat. RM of BTS) with Balming Tiger will be released on September 1.

On August 24th, BTS announced through their official SNS that BTS member RM (Namjoon) will be collaborating with Balming Tiger on a song name SEXY NUKIM (섹시느낌).

The new song SEXY NUKIM (섹시느낌) feat. BTS RM will be released on September 1 at 6 pm KST.

RM, who is interested in various cultural arts fields such as art and reading, as well as various music, was interested in this team early on. He even posted the group song ‘JUST FUN!’ by Balming Tiger to his Instagram story.

In addition, RM visited the ‘Pentaport Rock Festival‘ as an audience at the beginning of this month for the first time in three years, and took a photo of himself with Balming Tiger and posted them on social media.

RM with Balming Tiger
RM with Balming Tiger

RM is known to be close friends with San Yawn, the leader and producer of Balming Tiger. BTS RM, San Yawn, and producer/rapper Supreme Boi recently went to a temple and stay together.

Fans are curious about what kind of harmony ‘Balming Tiger‘ and ‘RM (Namjoon)‘ will show in their new upcoming song ‘SEXY NUKIM‘.

Balming Tiger is a multinational alternative K-pop band, Asian Art & It’s a cultural collective.

Meanwhile, The group BTS will be holding a free in-person concert, LIVE PLAY, and online live streaming of WORLD EXPO 2030 Concert <Yet To Come> in Busan, South Korea.

According to BigHit Music on 24 August, BTS will perform at the special stage on October 15th.

BTS is holding a concert in Korea for the first time in 7 months since ‘BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL‘ held at the Olympic Main Stadium in Seoul in March.

It is the largest concert in the history of BTS in Korea. Previously, the performance that BTS gathered the largest number of fans per concert in Korea was the stage at the Olympic Stadium. It was performed in August 2018, and 45,000 people gathered for each concert.

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