Shinhan Card launches BTS card

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Shinhan Card announced on the 14th September that it has launched the ‘Weverse Shinhan Card’, a commercial credit card (PLCC) with Weverse Company, a subsidiary of Hybe.

Weverse Shinhan Card is a product for the fandom of artists who have entered the global fan commerce platform ‘Weverse Shop’. Both credit and debit cards can be applied.

The Weverse Shinhan credit card comes with a photo plate for collection containing the image of each artist as standard, and a check card can issue a photo plate with a fee of 15,000 won.

For credit cards, if you pay an issuance fee of 100,000 won, you can additionally issue a photo plate made of metal.

After issuance, the Weverse Shinhan Card is automatically registered in the Weverse Shop simple payment service and provides the Weverse Shop cash accumulation service and life area accumulation service.

4% of the amount used in Weverse Shop, where you can purchase artists official products, etc., with credit card and 2% with check card, Weverse Shop Cash is basically accumulated.

Life saving service is also composed of areas mainly used by the fandom, such as digital contents and public transportation. 10% of credit card and 5% of check card Weverse Shop Cash are accumulated at life-oriented affiliated stores.

The combined limit is up to 70,000 won per month for credit cards and up to 30,000 won per month for check cards, depending on the amount used in the previous month.

In addition, when paying at the museum shop within HYBE INSIGHT, a 50% discount service is provided by credit card and 25% discount by check card.

In particular, in the case of credit cards, products worth 15,000 won selected by Weverse are provided once a year as a special gift service, and a special gift service is provided as a photo plate of the selected artist in the first year of card issuance. When issuing credit cards, AMEX’s platinum service is also available.

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