“Supercasting, BTS” Naver Webtoon, Hybe Original Content Lineup Released

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A collaboration project between Naver Webtoon and HYBE has become visible. Naver Webtoon and Hybe are planning to release original webtoon and web novels that extend the IPs of BTS, ENHYPEN, and TOMORROW X TOGETHER to the world sequentially in January next year.

Each story is produced as a webtoon and a web novel at the same time, and a total of 6 works are to be released.

‘Supercasting’ is a project in which Naver Webtoon produces IPs of world-class entertainment companies into webtoons or web novels.

In September, the first collaboration partner, DC Comics, and the new original series <Batman: Wayne Family Adventure> were introduced, and are gaining great popularity in North America, surpassing 500,000 subscribers within a week of launch. Naver Webtoon continues the interest of global webtoon fans through ‘supercasting’ with Hybe.

Image Source: HYBE

The first work to be serialized is ‘7Fates: CHAKHO‘, the original story of the group BTS, which is loved all over the world, and will be released as a Webtoon for the first time on January 15th.

It is an urban fantasy genre set in a city of the near future, and it was produced with the motif of ‘Chakhogapsa’, which was known as a ‘beast’ hunting unit during the Joseon Dynasty. It is a story of 7 boys bound by fate, overcoming ordeal together and growing up, and it is expected to get a hot response from fans around the world as well as Korea by reinterpreting traditional Korean folktales.

Enypen Webtoon

Image Source: HYBE

DARK MOON‘ with ENHYPEN will also be released. It is a teen romance drama that depicts the story of vampire boys meeting a girl with a secret. The youth and friendship of vampire boys, and the secret behind them, deliver new fun outside the typical frame of teen romance. ‘DARK MOON’ is produced as a series, and as the first series, ‘DARK MOON: Altar of the Moon’ (Dark Moon: Altar of the Moon) will be serialized from January 16th.

TXT Webtoon : The Star Seekers with TOMORROW X TOGETHER
Image Source: HYBE

‘The Boys Chasing the Stars – THE STAR SEEKERS‘ in collaboration with Tomorrow by Together will be available from January 17th. In a world where magic and reality coexist, it is a fantasy genre where boys who live as idol groups fight against the end of the world and the surrounding secrets. Fantasy elements such as fantasy animals and magical performances and stories about the entertainment world are exquisitely blended, and it is expected to provide a different fun element.

Naver Webtoon CEO Kim Jun-goo said, β€œThe competitiveness of Naver Webtoon IP Value Chain has increased due to the meeting of artists and storytelling contents, which are receiving the most attention in the global entertainment industry. We will do our best to prove the joy and value of web novels globally once again.”

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