TXT ‘Frost’ special performance video released

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The group TXT (Tomorrow X Together) has released a special performance video for ‘Frost’, which shows off its unique charm.

On the afternoon of the 13th, TXT posted a special performance video teaser video for the song ‘Frost’ from the 2nd regular album ‘Chaos Chapter: FREEZE’ on their official Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

Then, on the 14th November, a special performance video for ‘Frost‘ was released through the official YouTube channel.

The powerful and unique sound and lyrics of ‘Frost’ combined with the dynamic performance and facial expressions of the five members.

In particular, the directing using various colors and light according to the scene change maximized the immersion and dynamism of the performance.

TXT completed another ‘all-time performance’ by drawing the intense concept ‘Frost’ special performance video with their own unique colors.

They are continuously expanding the ‘Tomorrow X Together table performance’ with rich expressive power that has no limits regardless of genre.

‘Frost’ is a trap-based hyper-pop genre that compares the mind of a confused boy to ‘frost’ after realizing the fate given to him. This song is related to the original story ‘The Star Seekers‘, which tells the growth of five special boys.

TXT experimental vocal sound is added to the intense and unique sound created by the rough textured percussion and heavy bass to captivate your ears.

Meanwhile, TXT released their first Japanese EP ‘Chaotic Wonderland’ on the 10th November. The album topped the Oricon Daily Album Chart in Japan upon release, and it is gaining great popularity, ranking first on the iTunes ‘Top Album’ chart in 16 countries/regions around the world.

TXT Webtoon : The Star Seekers with TOMORROW X TOGETHER
Image Source: HYBE

In Addition, ‘The Boys Chasing the Stars – THE STAR SEEKERS’ in collaboration with Tomorrow X Together will be available from January 17th.

In a world where magic and reality coexist, it is a fantasy genre where boys who live as idol groups fight against the end of the world and the surrounding secrets.

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