TXT released a group teaser poster for ‘Frost’.

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The group Tomorrow X Together (TXT) has released a group teaser poster for ‘Frost’, heralding a new story that will unfold in the future.

Tomorrow x Together posted a group teaser poster for the song ‘Frost’ from the 2nd regular album ‘Chaos Chapter: FREEZE’ on the official SNS channel on the 26th October.

The released poster shows boys sitting around a round table with several cards spread out. A verse in the lyrics of ‘Frost’ engraved on it, “I don’t know the faint voices why my destiny is what?” stimulates curiosity.

Frost’ is a trap-based hyper-pop genre that compares the mind of a confused boy to ‘frost’ after realizing his own destiny.

This song is related to the original story ‘The Star Seekers’, which tells the growth of five special boys.

TXT’s experimental vocal sound is added to the intense and unique sound created by the rough textured percussion and heavy bass, captivating the ears.

Ashnikko, an artist who is active mainly in London, worked on it, and member Yeonjun participated in writing the lyrics.

Meanwhile, the music video for ‘Frost’ will be released on the 28th October.

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