‘2022 Weverse Con’ : Justin Bieber, TXT and ENHYPEN

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2022 Weverse Con‘ is Weverse’s New Year’s countdown concert with fans and artists under a new name. It contains the meaning of sharing the moment when the end of the year and the beginning of the new year meet.

Justin Bieber, ENHYPEN, Seventeen, TXT performed at the concert, called 2022 Weverse Con : New Era and HYBE’s representative artist BTS, did not participate because they were on a long vacation.

This performance consisted of various attractions, such as a stage dedicated to Seo Taiji, the ‘President of Culture’ who’ll celebrate the 30th anniversary in 2022, of his debut in the new year, and ‘MEET & GREET’, a mini fan meeting format where fans and artists communicate interactively.

The audience at the scene responded with applause instead of shouts according to the quarantine guidelines. In online streaming, pre-recorded shouts are played back together, adding a sense of realism to Gonghyun.

In addition, online streaming added fun to watch through 5 multi-stages, directing optimized for each artist, and colorful stage sets.

ENHYPEN @ 2022 Weverse Con

The opening was performed by ENHYPEN and they dominated the atmosphere from the beginning with ‘Fever’, ‘Tamed-Dashed‘ and the ‘Blockbuster‘ stage with TXT.

Lee Hyun, who appeared on the stage following the ENHYPEN performance, said, “We have prepared a new era ‘New Era’ that will be made into our dreams and music that continued even in the time when everything stopped. I want you to imagine what your ‘New Era’ is and unfold it with us,” he explained about the concert.

TXT (Tomorrow X Together) 2022 Weverse Con

Subsequently, Tomorrow X Together decorated ‘Comeback Home’ as a tribute stage and drew attention with a performance that reinterpreted the hit songs that dominated the 90s.

In particular, TXT’s ‘0X1 = Love Song’, ‘Anti-Romantic’, ‘Frost‘, ‘No Rules’, ‘Magic’, and ‘Loser Lover’ were performed one after the other, which received a lot of love from the fans. In particular, TXT solidified the status of a next-generation performance powerhouse with an intense performance that contradicts the refreshing atmosphere.

The finale stage was decorated by SEVENTEEN, since, they had only met their fans online after the corona pandemic, they revealed their unique feelings at the offline performance that day. SEVENTEEN’s ‘CLAP’, ‘Ready to Love’, etc. They performed hit songs that were particularly loved at concerts such as ‘Left and Right’ and ‘Rock With You’ in a row, heating up ‘CARATBONG’ light stick, which filled the scene.

Justin Bieber @ 2022 Weverse Con

Justin Bieber, who went on stage with the band, didn’t need any special comments. While intense lighting swept the entire stage of Justin Bieber, he played ‘Peaches‘ and played the keyboard himself, remixing it with a different version, attracting attention. Also performed the hit songs ‘Somebody’, ‘Hold On‘, ‘Love You Different’, ‘Peaches’ and ‘Anyone‘ one after another.

This day’s performance was somewhat disappointing as it focused somewhat on individual stages for a label concert of a specific agency.

However, despite the absence of BTS, the performance itself was filled with plenty of things to see as a large number of popular artists from HYBE Label attended.

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