‘Youth Today’ BTS UN speech, hope to resonate around the world

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A message of hope from the group BTS has been released.

BTS was appointed as the ‘Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture’ in July.

The Blue House made this decision to lead the global agenda for future generations and to enhance diplomatic power in line with Korea’s international status.

As BTS has continued unrivaled performances around the world, such as swept No. 1 on the US Billboard’s main chart one after another, they judged that they are a private expert that is perfect for enhancing the nation’s image.

BTS will depart in September as a special envoy and attend the 75th United Nations General Assembly held in the United States. This is their third time attending the general meeting.

BTS participated as a global youth representative and speaker at the 73rd UN General Assembly held at the United Nations Headquarters, Trusteeship Council in New York in 2018 as a global youth representative and speaker. ‘

Last year, by spreading a message of hope to live a new world through global solidarity, it touched the hearts of many people around the world struggling with COVID-19 viruses.

As they have consistently exerted a positive influence such as giving speeches around the world and donating millions of dollars, the message to be delivered in this year’s speech has also attracted many people’s attention.

BTS raised expectations by releasing content related to the UN speech through the official SNS on the afternoon of 13 September, ‘YOUTH’ presented as a key word is the name of the Japanese regular album released by BTS in 2016

BTS said, “Dear young people, What were the past 2 years like for you, and what’s your world like today? Express the precious things that make up your world or show who you are now with an image, an emoji or a word, At the UN, your stories will begin. Sincerely, BTS.” The hashtags ‘Youth Today’ and ‘Your Stories’ were added, suggesting that this speech is deeply related to the current and daily lives of young people around the world.

Like people all over the world who are living day by day despite countless difficulties in the current situation of Covid-19, BTS members are also adapting to the changes and moving forward.

BTS UN speech
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Leader Namjoon said, “To the me that only pursued the ideal, I discovered a routine. I started reading again after a pause of more than 3 years because making excuses for one thing or another. I started a regular workout routine in July 2020. I discovered a part of myself that I had never looked at before and I was able to have a wider perspective (influenced music (work) too). I still don’t really know where these 2 yes will bring me in the future. But today, I’m going to read, work out & go to the studio. That’s how I’m going to live.”

BTS members Jin Said, “A positive change that’s happened to me while experiencing the past 2 years of the pandemic is that I’m more relaxed/free/have peace of mind. Before the pandemic, there was a lot of work and I thought all the schedules were frustrating. Since time was limited and there were a lot to prepare..Of course, though I’m still busy and have a lot to prepare now, after having a difficult time bc of the pandemic and clearing my mind, my heart has gotten much lighter. Even if I’m doing the same work, because I’m working with a different mindset, I have been able to work while laughing more. I want to live more positively in the future as well. cheer up”

Suga asked, “Were the past two years like for you?’

J-hope said, “I tried to change with different styles, different hair colors, and the results gave me new energy and motivation for my day! What about you?”

Jimin Said, “Watching the scenery on my runs and working up a sweat brought lots of changes for me. I stopped overthinking and changed to become more positive!

Taehyung said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to travel, but I go through the pictures I’ve taken and look forward to my future travels!”

Jungkook Said, “Since the outbreak of coronavirus, I’ve become familiar with the word “non-face-to-face / contactless. It is difficult to meet not only my friends and acquaintances but also my family. So these days, I chat with people using messaging programs, listen to songs, play games, and watch movies. There’s more pleasure to it than I thought. Now that we’ve gotten familiar with contactless, I hope many people will make small hobbies that are cautious and not dangerous”

The general discussion of the General Assembly of the United Nations, followed by speeches by high-level officials such as heads of state and private experts such as BTS, will be held from September 21 to 27.

BTS is expected to leave the country quietly in September without disclosing detailed schedules.

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